Mountain Biking Nutrition

Nutrition for Mountain Biking
Nutrition is a very important component of a healthy, enjoyable and performance-

full biking vacation. In addition to complying with the health tips given in the last blog, this time we will give some very important tips considering nutrition for mountain bikers. Well nutrition will improve your biking performance and ability in a significant way:Begin your ride “well fueled”: It is very important to eat and drink the night before and on the morning of your ride. It’s important to eat the right things. Don’t eat heavy food such as a large meat portion – it’s better to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t set out for your ride right after a meal. Let the food digest for about an hour. In Morzine, There are plenty of restaurants and hotel dining halls that offer special menus for bikers.

Keep a healthy diet also when you’re not biking. Your diet should always contain 60-70% carbohydrates, 20-30& protein and 10% fat.

Drink plenty Liquids – It’s very important to keep hydrated at all times while biking. Biking is a sport that takes from our body plenty of liquids. It’s important to drink consistently, even when your body doesn’t feel thirsty. Don’t wait for your body to tell you it needs a drink. Usually that means you are already somewhat dehydrated. To keep drinking while riding, we recommend carrying a riding pack with a hydration system that allows you to drink ‘hands free’. While riding short rides its preferable to drink water. If you are going out for one of Morzines longer trail pr singles we recommend adding a sport drink supplement to the water you will drink.

For a snack for biking don’t bring along high sugar snack. Bananas are highly recommended, as are energy bars.


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